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  • Three Summer DIY Projects for Yard Enhancement or Increased Home Curb Appeal

    Friday, June 9, 2023   /   by Management | Doctors Of Real Estate

    Three Summer DIY Projects for Yard Enhancement or Increased Home Curb Appeal

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    As the Summer season unfolds, seize the opportunity to enhance your yard allure or boost curb appeal of your property with these three DIY projects. Whether you've just purchased your dream home or have set your sights on selling your current home, these projects hold potential to fulfill both objectives. We have thoughtfully curated a list accompanied by the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions, all provided for your utmost convenience.

    Build a Firepit: This undertaking not only contributes to the "outdoor amenities" featured in your listing but also expands the realm of possibilities for creating lifelong memories and fostering a sense of community around the firepit. 

    Materials: Shovel, level, wall blocks (about 36), metal fire pit ring, 7” square concrete pavers or fire brick for the bottom of the pit (about 15), pea gravel to fill in the spaces (about .5 cubic feet), all-purpose sand (one bag)

    Directions: First, choose a fire pit site 15 feet away from structures, close to water. Opt for level ground for easy construction and comfortable seating. Second, use the metal fire ring to gauge fire pit dimensions. Mark the circle's outer edge with a shovel. Next, excavate within the marked area, creating a hole at least 7" deep. Furtherly, fill the hole with 1" of all-purpose sand, leveling it evenly. Additionally, lay the bottom blocks at the edge of the sand-filled hole. Afterwards, position the metal ring on the sand, within the base row. Then, lay pavers or fireplace bricks, covering as much area as possible. Following this, fill gaps between blocks and pavers with pea gravel. Finally, stack outer blocks to desired height, staggering seams for stability.

    Build a stone walkway: This addition creates an elegant touch to the central gathering space within your backyard, elevating its overall ambiance and creating an inviting atmosphere.

    Materials: This can be built in two main and simple ways - either with large “footstones” or with mulch and gravel. 

    Directions: Simply arrange the sizable footstones on the grass to establish a casual yet inviting pathway. In a comparable manner, begin by layering a foundation of mulch, followed by a layer of gravel. As you progress, firmly press down on each element to ensure stability and cohesiveness.

    Build a raised flower/garden bed: In addition to its visual appeal and inviting nature, this feature provides the opportunity for you to cultivate your preferred aesthetic by planting flowers or initiating a personal garden.

    Material: Either galvanized tubes or fire rings (your choice of amount), drill, black weed barrier cloth, your choice of nutrient rich soil (and mulch for flowers), and either flower seeds, small potted flowers, small potted veggies, or veggie seeds. 

    Directions: Whether using a galvanized tub or fire ring, the directions are similar. If using a tib, drill about 8 holes into the bottom of them, line the bottom and sides with the black weed barrier cloth, fill ¾ of the way up with your soil, and plant your veggie or flower small pots or seeds. If using a fire ring, skip the drilling holes part, since there is no bottom to it. 


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