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  • Unraveling the Homeowner’s Situation: Key Factors Influencing a Home’s Sale

    Thursday, June 1, 2023   /   by Management | Doctors Of Real Estate

    Unraveling the Homeowner’s Situation: Key Factors Influencing a Home’s Sale

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    Imagine residing in Sterling Heights and desiring a new residence where your neighbors aren't in close proximity, such as in Kimball Township. As an adverse example, you may be an individual wishing to downsize after your children have gone to college, envisioning a smaller home in Shelby Township for you and your spouse. In either case, you decide to sell your current home. However, despite the time that has passed, your home remains unsold. 

    “What should I do now?”. This is a question most people would ask themselves. Do not fear, we are here! See below for a list of the primary reasons why a home may not sell, along with solutions.

    1. Pricing: An overpriced home may deter buyers. Consider adjusting the price or enhancing the home's appeal through staging, repairs, and upgrades. Read our "Unlock the Secrets: Sell Your Home Lightning Fast with These Expert Tips!"  blog post for more in depth information on this subject matter. 

    2. Timing and Market Conditions: Market fluctuations can impact the sale of a home. In a seller's market, homes aren’t acquired as easily for buyers, so sellers hold the advantage. Whereas in a buyer's market, the supply of homes surpasses the demand, granting buyers greater negotiation power. Our real estate agents, equipped with current market conditions, can help guide you and provide valuable insight into the housing market.

    3. Curb Appeal: The appeal of your home plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers. Address flaws like cracks, malfunctioning doors, poor curb appeal, and cleanliness issues. Fix any repairs around the home that are necessary or noticeable, maintain a well-kept exterior, and thoroughly clean the home for showings.

    4. Choosing the Right Agent: A significant number of people are hesitant to enlist the services of a real estate agent because of the misconception of extra expenses associated with selling a property. In brief, opting not to have an agent can lead to confusion, stress, and prolonged timelines. Furthermore, selecting an agent without the desired skills, expertise, and experience can exacerbate these challenges. Choosing an agent who possesses all the necessary qualities can significantly increase your chances of selling your home at the desired price, with minimal personal effort and within a shorter time frame.

    At Top Agent Realty, we are dedicated to helping you navigate these challenges and find the optimal solutions for selling your home successfully. Whether the aforementioned issues or other factors contributed to your home not selling, we are committed to understanding the exact reasons behind it and providing you with tailored strategies to meet your goals.

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