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  • Why Mothers Make Great Real Estate Agents

    Tuesday, May 14, 2024   /   by Management | Doctors Of Real Estate

    Why Mothers Make Great Real Estate Agents

    Why Mothers Make Great Real Estate Agents

    In honor of Mothers Day, our team wanted to highlight what qualities made mothers such great Realtors, as a shining and well deserved spotlight on all of them that make up our team!

    Quality One: Multitasking Skills are a Must

    Whether a parent or not, most know Mothers have amazing multitasking skills that help them through their never ending jobs on a day to day basis. They juggle so many different aspects of life at once, including their families, work, and personal lives. This personal quality provides a transaction for clients that are seemingless, as they can handle several clients, properties, and situations at once.

    Quality Two: Convey Empathetic Personalities

    Mothers not only have to have emotional intelligence within themselves, but also with other people. These agents understand the Buying and Selling process can be filled with nervousness, excitement, stress, joy, and so much more. Mom agents will be able to recognize when their clients are feeling all these different types of feelings, and do everything in their power to make the family they are serving feel reassured and supported throughout their home buying or selling journey.

    Quality Three: Patience is their Virtue

    Mothers have an ability of controlling their patience that helps them navigate throughout their days. In regards to their clients, patience is key when clients want to find their perfect forever home, that aren’t willing to settle for less than their wants and needs for their home. It can also help when dealing with the individuals on the opposing side of a transaction. Both aid in making the home buying and selling process flawless and smooth.

    Quality Four: They Pay Attention to the Small Details

    Last, but not least, Mothers must possess skills in paying attention to the small details. As it has been said, they are the glue that holds families together. Between managing schedules, providing organization within the household, remembering all the “extra events” and planning vacations and birthdays, attention to detail is a must for these situations to be correct and not chaotic. This applies to all the hiccups that can occur during a transaction; these realtors can get through them without a hitch. This ensures clients needs and wants are met, leaving them feeling like all their expectations and requirements were met.

    We are all in for celebrating these women and everything they do for their families and professional lives alike.

    On behalf of Top Agent Realty – Happy Mothers Day to all!!

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